Well now we know

After yesterday’s primary, we now know what we are facing come November, and it’s pretty alarming.

Tom Foley spoke about Connecticut needing a ‘Wisconsin moment’, a clear reference to Governor Scott Walker attacking collective bargaining rights and giving corporations more power. He also recently said he’d run Connecticut like Wal-Mart, a company that pays poverty wages, offers few benefits, and doesn’t pay its fair share in taxes.

It is clear that Tom Foley’s vision for Connecticut is the opposite of ours. That’s why we’re planning on running a state of the art campaign to make sure he doesn’t win in November.

But we need your help. Chip in $5 to make sure we can reach voters over the next few months and keep Tom Foley far far away from the Governor’s mansion.

A Foley administration would threaten of the progress we’ve made over the last 4 years. We’ve been able to pass the first stateside paid sick days guarantee, raise the minimum wage, expand collective bargaining rights, protect open and fair elections, lay the groundwork for a public retirement savings program, and more.

But if Foley wins, we’ll have to go on the defensive instead of moving forward on these important issues.

Lets make sure that doesn’t happen. Contribute just $5 to help fund the Working Families Party’s work through election day now.

We’ll be hiring canvassers to speak with tens of thousands of voters across the state between now and November, and every little bit helps.