Four cities. One week.

It’s like dominoes. Last night, New Jersey cities Paterson and Irvington passed identical laws ensuring that for over 30,000 workers, getting sick will no longer mean getting fired. In the last week, two other cities — Passaic and East Orange — have passed the same law.

This isn’t a coincidence. It’s an ambitious grassroots campaign that’s winning local victories as part of a statewide strategy to move the ball forward for New Jersey’s working families. All summer, activists and advocates have been knocking on doors, collecting signatures, and calling their elected leaders to get these laws passed.

It’s all part of a coordinated campaign to bring paid sick days laws to six cities around the state. The idea is simple: if other cities follow the lead of Jersey City and Newark in passing these paid sick days laws, it builds unstoppable momentum for a statewide bill that will cover everyone in the state. The strategy is already paying off.

This was hard work, but the next two cities will be even harder. Paid sick days will go to the ballot in November in Trenton and Montclair. Chances are big business will spend big bucks trying to kill these initiatives. It will be a real fight, and we’ll need your help.

Chip in $3 to bring paid sick days to two more cities this November 4th.