Living wage victory in NYC: This is big

Mayor de Blasio just took executive action to expand the living wage law in New York City and raise the wage to $13.13 an hour.

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Here’s the short version of what this means: about 18,000 more New Yorkers who work at city-subsidized businesses will be seeing an increase in their paychecks, helping them afford the cost of basic necessities like food and housing. And $13.13 is the same hourly rate that all New York City workers could see next year if we send a Democratic-WFP majority to the State Senate in November.

This is huge. Expanding the city’s living wage law was a major plank in Mayor de Blasio’s platform during the campaign last year. Today, he delivered on it.

There is a long way to go in the fight against inequality, and powerful forces in our state who will continue to oppose any progress. That’s why it is so important that the Mayor hears from all of us today — so he knows exactly how many New Yorkers are standing with him on this one.

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This landmark victory for New York’s working families has been well over a decade in the making. It wouldn’t have been possible without the tireless dedication of so many who devoted their lives to organizing for justice for workers. It also wouldn’t have been possible without the presence of a strong, durable progressive movement in New York — a movement that that you and I have helped build and which we continue to build together.

Today’s action will not only expand the living wage protections to thousands of previously exempt workers, it will also raise the wage itself to $13.13/hour for workers who do not receive benefits — going up to a projected $15 by 2019. The lowest-wage workers affected by this expansion will see a pay increase from $16,640 to $27,310 per year. And for the first time, the living wage will be extended to cover workers at retail and fast-food chains.

As the New York Times noted this morning, the $13.13 rate is also significant because it matches the local minimum wage that New York City and other localities may be able to set next year — if we take back the Senate.

This is a huge step forward that adds to the growing momentum for increasing the broader minimum wage in NYC and across the state next year. This is what leadership looks like.

Let’s make sure the Mayor knows we support his courageous move today:

Sign the card: Thank you, Mayor de Blasio, for expanding the living wage law in New York!

There’s much left to do when it comes to reversing inequality and improving the lives of working families. The next step is winning a Democratic-WFP majority in the State Senate this November.

But let’s take a moment today to celebrate. This victory has been a long time coming for New York’s working families. And today’s news is a reminder that, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, so much is possible when we stand together.