Measure 90: Oregon Top Two Primary

Oregon Working Families endorses Measure 90, Open Primaries. Currently, 49% of voters under the age of 40 are “voting with their feet” by choosing to not register with either the Democratic or Republican parties.

Currently, if you are a non-affiliated voter or a member of a minor party, you do not get to vote in partisan primary elections. Measure 90 would replace this system by sending one ballot to all voters with all candidates listed on the ballot. Much like what happens in many local and city elections now, all voters would then get the chance to vote on which candidates they prefer, and the top two vote getters would then advance to the general election.

As an organization, the WFP sees Measure 90 as not only preserving—but actually strengthening Oregon’s system of fusion voting, which allows minor parties to break out of the proverbial “spoiler” role that we have traditionally been subjugated to in our American “winner take all” elections system. Measure 90 allows minor parties to make on-the-ballot endorsements of candidates in both the primary and the general elections, giving us the ability to signal in a real way to both the general election and primary voters which candidates will be champions of working people and which ones won’t.

Vote yes on Measure 90 on Election Day.

For more information about Measure 90, click here for Oregon Working Families’ factsheet