Poverty wages are illegal. No really.

Poverty wages should be against the law — and in Wisconsin, they are. According to state law, the minimum wage must be a living wage.

Right now, it’s $7.25/hour. Does that sound livable to you?

Yesterday as part of the Raise Wisconsin campaign, we joined underpaid workers and allies to deliver t1larg.wisconsin.protests.ginearly 100 workers’ complaints to Gov. Scott Walker to show no one can live on $7.25 an hour. Governor Walker now has 20 days to address raising the minimum wage.

The solution is so simple, it’s in the law. Can you sign the petition demanding Governor Walker obey the law and sign an executive order to make the minimum wage a living wage?

Wisconsin’s unique minimum wage law forces the Governor to answer to working families. By lodging our complaints with Gov. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Department of Workplace Development, we’re triggering a 20-day period during which the Governor has to respond.

Wisconsin voters will have a clear answer to where Scott Walker stands on the livelihood of working families, before Election Day. And we won’t let him forget it! Gov. Walker, we are waiting for an answer. Obey the law and give working families a living wage!