Reps DeLauro and Esty are MOM-Partisan

Representatives DeLauro and Esty receiving the WFP MOM-Partisan Award!

Representatives DeLauro and Esty receiving the WFP MOM-Partisan Award!

Yesterday, we honored Representative Rosa DeLauro and Representative Elizabeth Esty with the MOM-Partisan Award for their work expanding economic opportunity and security for mothers and families.

Find out more about the Working Families MOM-Partisan Agenda.

This year we’re launching the Working Families MOM-Partisan Agenda to focus on building an economy that empowers women.

Wether you are a mom or not, we’ve all had enough of partisan bickering that has stymied progress on a variety of issues like good jobs with fair and equal pay, workplace benefits like paid sick days and paid family and medical leave for longer term illnesses and childbirth, and accessible and affordable healthcare and child care options.

The ultimate goal of the MOM-Partisan agenda is to build an economy that works for mothers and families by guaranteeing:

  • Good jobs with fair pay that close the gender gap in compensation
  • Workplace benefits like Paid Sick Days for short term illnesses and Paid Family and Medical Leave for long term medical conditions and maternity and paternity leave.
  • Flexibility and consistency in workplace scheduling
  • Empowering parents and educators in our public education system
  • Debt free higher education opportunities for every family
  • The ability to retire with financial security and dignity
  • Fair tax policies for families like the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Accessible and affordable health care
  • Accessible and affordable child care options
  • Support for female entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Stopping sexual harassment in the workplace

Representatives DeLauro and Esty are the first to receive this award. Over the next several weeks, the Connecticut Working Families Party plans to present this award to State Senate candidates who will be champions for women and mothers and stand up for these critical policies.

Find out more about the MOM-Partisan Agenda by clicking here.