Two people you’ll want to meet!

At DC Working Families, we believe our government and economy should work for all of us, not just the  wealthy and the well-connected. We endorse local progressive leaders, campaign like hell to get them elected, and then hold them accountable to fight for everyday working people.

After interviewing candidates and studying their questionnaire responses, we’re proud to endorse Graylan Hagler and Elissa Silverman for at-large City Council!

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rev-graylan-hagler-REDSKINSGraylan Halger is the Senior Minister of Plymouth Congregational United. Over the years he’s stood up against energy giant Exxon Mobil and helped found the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation, which has helped hundreds of thousands of families to purchase homes and protect their homes from foreclosure.

As an analyst, activist and reformer reporter, Elissa 20130417_endorse_-1_345x234Silverman has dedicated her life to making the District and its government accountable, responsible and accessible to all its residents. She lead the efforts of the DC Public Trust to ban direct corporate contributions in local elections. She’s also been instrumental in campaigns to raise the minimum wage and to provide paid sick days in the District. 

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