Gloria Steinem: The Most Important Vote This Year

Please join me in voting on the Working Families Party line for Governor Andrew Cuomo and the rest of the Working Families ticket this November.

This is important for women, for men, for the future of our state. Here’s why.

The Working Families Party is the anchor of progressive reform across this diverse state that so often is the conscience of the country. In election after election, and on issue fight after issue fight, I count on the WFP to have the most accurate facts and the most democratic purpose.

And they have done that on raising wages for the working poor. Passing Paid Sick Days legislation. Promoting a fairer campaign finance system so that more women of every group can run for public office. Fighting for higher taxes on the wealthy, who have grown wealthy because of the services and stability that tax dollars create, so that we can invest in a better society for all. Campaigning against mass incarceration for non-violent crimes — and more.

New York should be a beacon to the nation by telling the truth: our society is more unequal than ever. Things are toughest for low-income women, people of color, and the children who depend on them. We can do better. A state legislature dominated by big money, one that is only 21% female — and in which some get elected as Democrats and then vote like Republicans? We can do better.

When I walk into that voting booth on Election Day, I’m voting on the Working Families Party line because I know I can trust the people and policies it stands for. I invite you to do the same. Click here if I can count on you to vote WFP on November 4th.

Our votes on the Working Families Party line help elect leaders who have promised to pass a full Women’s Equality agenda as well as a full range of progressive policies that affect every New York woman. A strong WFP vote also builds the kind of independent, progressive political power we need to hold those same politicians to their promises after Election Day.

I know this, because the WFP has done this over the years.

For instance: I was there when WFP led the successful fight for Paid Sick Days in New York City. That victory has meant that thousands of parents no longer have to choose between risking their jobs and taking care of their kids. I saw them help win increases in the minimum wage and a Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights in Albany, directly improving the lives of the women who make up more than 95% of all domestic workers in our state.

But there is so much left for us to do in our state and our country if we want to win real equality. WFP is a proven ally in that fight. And it’s future strength depends entirely on our support.

If you agree, join me and tens of thousands of women and men across New York in pledging to vote on the WFP line on November 4th.

With friendship,

Gloria Steinem