Go to Work Sick Day?!

Worst. Thanksgiving. Ever. Your kid had the flu, and you’re coming down with it too. You’re feverish, mushy-headed, and highly contagious. But your boss says that your job is on the line if you don’t go in to work, and state law allows him to block you from taking a sick day on ‘Black Friday.’

The scenario above could really happen if we don’t act right now. Blackout days for paid sick days were one of the many ‘improvements’ pushed by business lobbyists at last week’s hearing on the statewide earned sick days bill. Worse, the Committee even DELAYED THE VOTE to consider the industry wish-list.

Tell the Assembly Labor Committee to stand strong for an earned sick days bill that covers all New Jersey workers all year long.

Right now, the business lobby’s money is speaking louder than our voices. We MUST make ourselves heard if we want a strong earned sick days bill that covers everyone.

Working families and real small business owners understand that letting workers earn sick days makes for healthier families, workplaces and communities. The resistance is coming from lobbyists bankrolled by big chains & giant corporations.

Big business is trying to water down this bill in every way, whether it’s ‘blackout days,’ slashing the number of sick days employees can earn, limiting how many days can be used or taking away critical protections against retaliation by employers.

If you don’t speak up, the voice of big business will be the only voice legislators hear.

Tell the Assembly Labor Committee to hold the line on a strong earned sick days bill.