Gov. Christie: Tired of hearing about the minimum wage? Try living on it.

christie minwage comment v2Chris Christie’s clueless, condescending remarks about the minimum wage show just how out of touch our Governor is with NJ’s growing number of low-wage workers.

If Chris Christie is tired of hearing about the minimum wage, he should try joining the half a million New Jerseyans who have to live on it.

Join NJ Working Families in calling Gov. Chris Christie to “live the wage” for one week.

Christie is catching major heat for his tone deaf comment, right as he’s trying to reboot his Presidential aspirations. By calling out Chris Christie, you’ll help make sure voters (inside New Jersey and out) know just who he stands for: corporations and the wealthy.

Even worse than what Christie said about the minimum wage is what he’s actually done to low-wage workers over the last five years. Christie would prefer that New Jersey’s minimum wage be lower than the $8.25 it is today. Voters had to go around him and pass it at the ballot box last year. He raised taxes on the working poor, hiked bus and train fares, and cut affordable housing funds — all to protect his tax cuts for the top 2%.

If Chris Christie is going to shred programs that help lift working families out of poverty, he should at least have the guts to walk a mile in the shoes of the people he’s hurting.

Christie can even have the benefit of the minimum wage increase he vetoed. Someone who works full time earning minimum wage in New Jersey still makes only $330 a week — after average housing costs and taxes, that breaks down to just $17 a day to spend on food, transportation, and recreation.

That’s admittedly a big lifestyle change for a man who just reported a household income of $700,000 a year. But it might just be the wakeup call he needs.

Sign here: tell Gov. Christie to put his money where his mouth is and join the Live the Wage challenge to live on the minimum wage for one week.