Let me tell you about Smitty

This November, DC residents have the opportunity to choose their attorney general for the first time in history. That sounds small, but the consequences are huge — the top legal counsel representing Washington DC will now be accountable to the people.

That’s real power. And there’s only one person we trust and support for that power: Edward “Smitty” Smith.

We’re proud to support Edward “Smitty” Smith for DC Attorney General. Pledge your vote for Smitty this November! Click here.

The Attorney General is kind of like the city’s lawyer. They can either serve business interests, or they can serve the best interests of the people. We want a public servant for Attorney General. That’s why we’re backing “Smitty”!

Smitty lead some of the toughest fights on behalf of everyday working families while in the Obama Administration. From securing stimulus money for at-risk communities, to holding cable and telecommunications giants accountable to the customers they serve, Smitty is the kind of tireless progressive we need.

Click here to pledge your support for Edward “Smitty” Smith.