The plan is working

It’s working. Our strategy of building momentum for a strong statewide earned sick days bill through a wave of local victories is paying off big time. This Thursday, the Assembly will hold its first hearing on a bill that would cover every worker in New Jersey.

This has only been possible because of your effort, but the fight has just started. Lobbyists for big business are bound to come out of the woodwork and try to kill or water down the statewide bill. We need to make our voices louder than the lobbyists!

Tell the NJ Legislature: It’s time to pass a strong earned sick days bill!

The good news is that our strategy is working. In September, four New Jersey cities passed strong earned sick days laws in the space of a week, and just yesterday we kicked off a campaign to advance identical laws in Trenton and Montclair on the Nov. 4th ballot.

The media called it “a massive wave of victories for workers,” and state legislators were clearly paying attention. Now they’re holding their very first hearings on the state bill.

We will be out in force at the hearings, but so will lobbyists for big business. The same fast food chains that want their employees to subsist on the minimum wage can’t stand the idea of giving their workers even a few sick days to care for themselves or their family.

These lobbyists have money and they have power, and we can’t take anything for granted. We need to keep up the momentum, increase the pressure, and ensure that a strong earned sick days law passes out of the legislature.

Tell the NJ Legislature: It’s time to pass a strong earned sick days bill!