We’re tired of you too, Christie!

christie memToday New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is coming to Connecticut to stump for Tom Foley. And while Tom Foley doesn’t have a record to run on, Chris Christie’s policies give us a glimpse of what Tom Foley might do if he’s elected. And it’s not pretty. Chris Christie has given the wealthy every advantage he can think of, and made working and middle class families pay for it.

We’re working around the clock to defeat Tom Foley because we know he would be a disaster for hard working families across our great state. But we can’t do it without your help.

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Christie has shown incredible disdain for the people of New Jersey, both in policy, and demeanor. He vetoed a modest increase in New Jersey’s minimum wage, and said, “I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage, I really am.” Christie also decimated collective bargaining rights and cut taxes for the state’s wealthiest two percent.

As a result, New Jersey is dead last in job gains, and the nation’s major credit agencies have downgraded New Jersey’s finances a staggering eight times over fiscal mismanagement and a sluggish economy.

We can’t afford to let Foley run Connecticut like Christie has run New Jersey. That is why we’re working so hard to defeat him.

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