Today is Latina Equal Pay Day

To earn what white men made in 2013, Latinas would have to continue working until October 8th. That’s because they earn just $.56, on average, to every $1 white men earn.

That is why today is Latina Equal Pay Day. We’re drawing attention to this startling economic inequality. We need to close the gender wage gap because when women and families are able to make ends meet and spend money in the community, our entire economy benefits.

This year Working Families has launched the MOM-Partisan agenda focused on empowering women and families in our changing and difficult economy. Clearly women, especially women of color, continue to face serious disparities. We need to do more to create economic opportunity and security.

Learn more about the MOM-Partisan agenda here.

Latinas bear the biggest brunt of the gender wage gap. White women earn $.77 on the dollar, and African American women earn $.64 on the dollar. But Latinas earn just $.56 for every dollar that white men earn. Median wages for Latinas in the United States are $30,209 per year, compared to median wages of $53,488 annually for white men — a difference of $23,279 each year.

That’s a big difference. It is totally unfair, and we need to fix it.

Raising the minimum wage will help close the wage gap, and Connecticut was the first state to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. But we also need to support family friendly policies like fair and transparent scheduling, paid family leave for serious injuries and family care, and the pay check fairness act, that will stop corporations from retaliating against workers who discuss their salaries.

That is what the MOM-Partisan agenda is all about. We’re supporting candidates who will be champions for these policies, and more, that will ensure our economy works for women.

Read about the MOM-Partisan agenda and sign up to be a MOM-Partisan voter.