Vote For Malloy On Working Families Party Line

By Taylor Leake via the Hartford Courant

ballot-malloyI was very pleased to see that The Courant has endorsed Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for re-election [Oct. 28, Opinion, “Gov. Malloy, Best Chance For Progress”]. I would like to echo this sentiment, but add that our best chance for progress is to vote for Malloy on the Working Families Party line, Row C.

When you cast your vote on the Working Families Party line, the vote counts exactly the same as it would if you voted on the Democratic line, but it does more. It sends a message to politicians that you want them to focus on working and middle class families, not corporate interests and big banks.

Over the past several years, Working Families has worked with candidates it helped elect to pass the country’s first paid sick days program, push for a progressive income tax that protects public services and good jobs, pass the first $10.10 minimum wage increase in the country, lay the groundwork for a public retirement savings plan and more.

If you agree that we need to keep making progress on critical economic issues like these, vote for Malloy on the Working Families Party line on Nov. 4. You’ll be voting for the best candidate and also sending a message.