What democracy looks like

psl-njFantastic news! Voters in Trenton and Montclair just added their communities to the wave of New Jersey
towns and cities that guarantee the right to earn paid sick time for all. It’s the best of democracy in action: voters coming together to pass policies that level the playing field and make their towns fairer places to live and work.

We’ve come a long way since Jersey City passed the state’s first earned sick time law last year. Seven other cities have now joined it, and placed New Jersey at the forefront of the fight for worker’s rights and basic workplace standards.

Of all the wins since we launched our campaign, tonight’s is the sweetest. But it can’t be our last. Over 1 million New Jersey residents still can’t earn a single paid sick day, and we won’t stop this train until every worker has the right to earn paid sick time.

What’s remarkable about this campaign is that it’s been a true bottom-up, grassroots, citizen-driven effort. Voters in six New Jersey communities signed the petitions that advanced these initiatives, and many elected leaders heard their call and followed their lead. And where they didn’t, voters rolled up their sleeves and got the job done anyway.

That’s exactly the passion and energy we need to bring from the Trenton streets into the Trenton Statehouse. Legislators are watching this campaign closely, and every local victory has made the march to a statewide bill that much more inevitable.

We’ve come a long way together, but we can’t stop now. This campaign has covered over 10% of the New Jerseyans who lack earned sick time before we started, but that still leaves 90% of New Jerseyans for whom every child’s cold is a crisis and every flu means lost pay or even a lost job.

Tell the New Jersey Legislature: pass an earned sick time law that covers all New Jersey workers, all the time.