Sen. Gillibrand: “We need a progressive majority in the NY State Senate”

Equal pay for equal work. A minimum wage that lifts millions of New Yorkers out of poverty. Real campaign finance reform so more women can run against the old boys’ network.

All the things we care about most are at stake in New York this year — and control of the New York State Senate will determine whether we see decisive wins on these issues, or stagnation and perhaps even lost ground.

I’m writing to urge you to support the Working Families Party’s efforts to win a Democratic majority in the New York State Senate, so we can pass a full progressive agenda for New York. Will you help us make that possible?

Yes, I will chip in $3 to help get out the vote for Working Families candidates for the New York State Senate.

No, I can’t donate right now, but I can volunteer to get out the vote for Working Families candidates before Election Day.

I’m proud to support the fight for a Democratic-Working Families majority in the State Senate.

Part of that is because Working Families has long been so vital to making real progressive change happen in New York and across the country on a wide range of issues that we all care about, from paid sick days to universal pre-K and more.

But part of it is simply the outstanding candidates running in battleground districts whom I’ve had the chance to meet, work with and endorse this year.

I’m talking about champions for working families like Cecilia Tkaczyk, who has been a leader on fully funding rural and suburban schools; Marc Panepinto, a fighter for the middle class; and Terry Gipson, who has a truly impressive record of advocating for women’s rights.

This election is so important for New York. Please, donate now to make winning the New York State Senate possible.

Thank you for everything you do to make New York an even better place.


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand