Winning with Wolf in Pennsylvania!

Tom Wolf win FB shareLast night was a rough election night around the country with at least one thrilling exception: the Pennsylvania Governor’s race. And it’s thanks to your support that we won such a historic victory.

Corporate-backed candidates won seats in Governor’s races, expanded their majority in the US House, and took a majority in the US Senate. But here in Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf ran on PA Working Families values like providing good jobs, good schools, and good government. Because of you, Wolf handily defeated Tom Corbett, making him Pennsylvania’s first incumbent governor to lose reelection in the modern era.

With your help, we’ve spent the last several months knocking on 190,000 doors and making tens of thousands of phone calls to voters, talking about the critical issues affecting working and middle class families. That’s more than half of Tom Wolf’s current margin of victory in Delaware and Philadelphia counties. Now we have proof that when candidates put the concerns of hard working families ahead of corporate interests like gas drillers, those candidates win.

We are so excited to work with Governor-Elect Wolf over the next four years. We’ve still got a lot to do. We’ll be focusing on raising the minimum wage, fully funding our schools, and fighting for our right to take a day off with paid sick leave.

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Thank you so much for being a part of this victory,

Kati Sipp, Director
PA Working Families