Christie’s Latest Port Authority Scandal

NJ Working Families: U.S. Attorney Fishman Should Investigate Gov. Christie’s Latest Port Authority Scandal

Gov. Christie & Bill Baroni’s misuse of confidential E-ZPass information another example of using Port Authority powers to punish political enemies


Newark — In response to a breaking story from the International Business Times reporting that Chris Christie and former Port Authority appointee Bill Baroni may have illegally accessed and misused confidential E-ZPass information of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg and other New Jersey residents, NJ Working Families executive director Analilia Mejia made the following statement:

“This is yet another example of Governor Christie and his cronies misusing the powers of the Port Authority to bully their political enemies. That these revelations come just weeks after Governor Christie blocked a bipartisan plan to clean house in the Port Authority makes the allegations all the more damning. We hope U.S. Attorney Paul  Fishman will include these allegations in his ongoing investigation and shine a light on a Port Authority in desperate need of real reform.”

New Jersey Working Families is a grassroots coalition of community and labor groups with over 50,000 activists statewide. In the wake of the Bridgegate scandal it collected 20,000 signatures calling for Governor Christie’s resignation, and filed an ethics complaint against then Port Authority Chairman David Samson alleging he inappropriately involved himself in Port Authority decisions that enriched the clients of his law firm. Samson resigned from office within the month.