Maryland’s minimum wage increase begins

1199 SEIU Lobby Day in Annapolis, MD, on March 18, 2013.  Photo:  Jay Mallin

Maryland’s minimum wage rose to $8.00 per hour on January 1, thanks to Maryland Working Families’ Raise Maryland campaign. The Maryland General Assembly passed a bill during the 2014 session raising the wage to $10.10 by July 2018.

Charly Carter was quoted extensively in the Baltimore Sun. “‘[The increase] makes a big difference for a lot of people in this state,’ said Charly Carter, executive director of the advocacy group Maryland Working Families. ‘It’s the difference between paying your phone bill and maybe buying some extra groceries.'”

Charly also appeared on local radio (WAMU [Washington, DC] and (WFMD [Frederick]), television (ABC-2 [Baltimore]) and our release was quoted in Star-Democrat (Eastern Shore),, and the Hagerstown Herald Mail (western Maryland). Campaign director Mat Hanson was quoted in the Cecil Whig.