Sick and fired?

Last year, a stomach virus nearly cost me my job and the roof over my head.

My name is Giovanni Theodore and I’m a fast food worker fighting for paid sick days in Philadelphia. I giovanni-theodore (1)work at a juice bar in the city and I don’t receive any paid sick time. So last year, when a stomach virus put me in the hospital for two days, I lost wages on my paycheck and struggled to stay on top of rent and bills.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A bill ensuring paid sick days for more than 200,000 workers was recently introduced in the Philadelphia City Council and might get a vote as early as February!

Can you help show the City Council that Philadelphians want paid sick days for workers like me? Click here to add your name in support of the paid sick days bill.

Since Philadelphia doesn’t have paid sick days, getting sick put my job in jeopardy. After recovering in the hospital, I couldn’t return to work until I provided documentation proving I was in the hospital. Without that paperwork, I could have been fired as a no-call-no-show.

Our City Council passed a paid sick days ordinance twice before but both times the Mayor vetoed it. This year, after the Mayor’s task force recommended city-wide paid sick days, we’ve got the best chance possible to pass paid sick days.

If we bring all our voices together, calling for Philadelphia to pass paid sick days, our City Council-members can’t ignore us. Can you add your name to support paid sick days in Philadelphia? Click here.

Thank your for taking the time to hear my story,

Giovanni Theodore
Fast food worker, activist, PA Working Families member