A new chapter for Oregon

The past week has been tumultuous for Oregon. In 2014 the Working Families Party nominated Governor Kitzhaber because of his commitment to work with us on key issues that matter to working people, issues like debt-free education and statewide paid sick days. We thank Governor Kitzhaber for his many years of public service and the many gains he has made for our state.

We are also confident that the state is in good hands. Oregon Working Families looks forward to working with Secretary of State Kate Brown, as she prepares to take the highest office in the state. Oregon Working Families has a long working relationship with Kate Brown–– a Working Families Party elected official since 2010. Kate Brown has been a champion for Oregon’s working class and a tireless advocate for the expansion of voting rights, and the rights of minor parties.

The Governor’s resignation, closes a chapter in Oregon’s history, one that includes many important contributions, including improvements to Oregon’s health care. Now, it’s time to focus on what really matters–– enacting change to better the lives of hard working families.

There’s a lot at stake this legislative session. In addition to passing the Pay It Forward pilot and expanding Paid Sick Days to the rest of the state, we are endorsing policies that will address economic insecurity for working people –– raising the minimum wage and lifting the statewide preemption on local minimum wage increases, preventing employment discrimination by adjusting when employers can filter for criminal records on employment applications, giving cities and counties local control to expand affordable housing by lifting the ban on inclusionary zoning, increasing democracy by expanding fusion voting and making it easier for Oregonians to register to vote by streamlining voter registration through the DMV.

Let’s get to work.

Karly Edwards
State Director
Oregon Working Families