Sign the petition: Support economic equality for women

Our economy isn’t working for too many people, and it is even more difficult for women. For instance, women are far more likely to have the primary responsibility to care for children and elderly family members, yet far less likely to have paid time off to care for them.

That simply isn’t right. So we’re working hard to pass bills that would help create an economy that works for women by:

  • Creating a paid family and medical leave program so workers can treat serious medical issues, care for ill family members, and care for newborn or adopted children
  • Expanding our landmark paid sick days program to cover workers who aren’t currently receiving this critical benefit
  • Eliminating the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers and make sure very single worker make the same base minimum wage
  • Setting fair scheduling rules so workers have some input into, and advanced notice of, their work schedules
  • Holding corporations accountable for poverty level wages and lack of benefits that force workers onto public aid programs

Sign our petition and support our efforts to pass these important bills.

Next Thursday, we’ll be holding a campaign kick-off at the State Capitol. Workers will tell legislators what kind of impact these policies will have on their lives.

Will you stand with these brave workers and let our state legislators know that we need an economy that works for women?

Click here to sign our petition supporting the Women’s Economic Agenda.