VICTORY: Paid Sick Days Passes in Philly!


PA Working Families staffers with Philadelphia City Council member William Greenlee at the signing of paid sick days for Philadelphia.

Philadelphia joins over 20 cities and 3 states in guaranteeing paid sick days for all workers! The ordinance, sponsored by Council-member William Greenlee and backed by PA Working Families, will ensure that over 200,000 Philadelphia workers can now earn paid time off in the event that they or a loved one gets sick.

“Hundreds of thousands of Philadelphia families can rest a little easier today knowing that catching a flu won’t mean losing pay or losing their jobs anymore,” said Kati Sipp, Director of Pennsylvania Working Families.

This victory comes off the heels of nation-wide attention for paid sick days policy, as President Barack Obama specifically mentioned his support for paid sick days in his State of the Union address.

It’s not secret how this bread-and-butter workplace protection has grown into a national call, and potentially a key issue in the upcoming Presidential election. It was the hard work and dedication of Working Families activists across the country, leading the fight in Connecticut — the first state to pass a statewide paid sick days law — New York City and in over 8 cities in New Jersey just last year.

You can help us continue to push paid sick days by pitching in $3 to fund more city and state campaigns.