PA Working Families Endorses Philly Mayoral, Council-at-Large Candidates

B_g3uRRWYAA68eRAs the May 19th primary election approaches, Philadelphia is facing many challenges. The stakes of this election are high. We must elect people to lead our city who will address our education system’s crisis state, work to raise the minimum wage, end discriminatory policies in our criminal justice system, and prevent corporations from expanding their influence on politics.

That’s why PA Working Families has endorsed Jim Kenney for Mayor and City Council-at-Large candidates Isaiah Thomas, Helen Gym, Sherrie Cohen, Wilson Goode, and Blondell Reynolds Brown.

Challengers Helen Gym, Isaiah Thomas, and Sherrie Cohen represent the core values of the Pennsylvania Working Families organization, and will bring much-needed energy and a fresh perspective to the Philadelphia City Council.

Together with our allies on city council, Wilson Goode and Blondell Reynolds Brown, and Jim Kenney as our new Mayor, they will work tirelessly to tackle head-on the issues that matter most to Philly’s working families.

Here’s what the candidates are saying about receiving the PA Working Families endorsement:

Jim Kenney: “I’m proud to receive the endorsement of Pennsylvania Working Families. As mayor, I will make it my top priority to level the playing field for those Philadelphians who are working low or minimum wage jobs. No one should work 40 hours per week and still be unable to pay their bills or put food on the table. Our city needs a mayor who will listen to the voices of regular Philadelphians who haven’t been adequately represented in our city government. I will make sure as mayor that those voices are heard.”

Isaiah Thomas: “I am very pleased to have Pennsylvania Working Families’ support for my campaign for Philadelphia City Council-at-Large. The status quo in Philadelphia isn’t good enough. Our city must do a better job of educating our young people. With my years of experience as an educator, I will make fixing our failing education system a top priority. As a member of City Council, I will work to make real change for Philadelphia’s working families.”

Councilman Wilson Goode: “I am pleased to receive the endorsement of Pennsylvania Working Families, a coalition of progressive organizations that fight for economic justice. My legislative work has always been focused on creating new opportunities for the economically disadvantaged. Together, with Working Families, we will continue to bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots!”

Helen Gym: “I’m grateful to have Pennsylvania Working Families’ endorsement. Our city is facing great challenges, whether it’s addressing the crisis state of our education system, raising low wages, ending discriminatory policies in our criminal justice system, or ensuring that corporations can’t buy politicians to do their political bidding. From my first day in office, I will do everything I can to make Philadelphia a great place to work and live for all Philadelphians, not just the ones who wield political power.”

Sherrie Cohen: “As a lifelong activist in economic, social, and racial justice causes, I am passionate about the vision and policy of Pennsylvania Working Families. I look forward to being a champion on City Council of our shared agenda of building grassroots power for justice and a city which puts the human needs of Philadelphians first.”

Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown: “I am proud and grateful for the support of Pennsylvania Working Families, and even more thankful to the organization for its work toward improving the lives of all citizens. Working Families’ agenda for social and economic opportunities for all Americans reflects the important work I have done. We, together, must continue this mission in City Council.”