Sen. Wyden could make or break the TPP

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.24.58 AMAll eyes are on Oregon Senator Wyden, who is a ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, has  tremendous influence on whether to grant fast-track authority for the Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement. Working Families Party voters and supporters, like you, have stood strongly against job killing trade agreements like the TPP. When I spoke to the Huffington Post earlier today our State Director, Karly Edwards shared how you stood on this issue and the possibility that the Oregon Working Families Party would challenge Senator Wyden in 2016 based on the decision you will be making next year during our nominations process.

“Our voters are very interested in trade and that will be a deciding factor in who gets our nomination” for the Senate race, Edwards said. “I would say this would be determinative, but it’s a democratic process.” She added: “It’s hard for me to imagine a situation where Working Families voters find it in their hearts to forgive a vote like that.”

Although our nominations process isn’t until next summer, today you can help show Wyden that Working Families won’t stand for another bad trade agreement. By signing our petition, you are taking concrete action to help stop the TPP and Fast-Track. Read the Huffington Post article then sign our petition.

Senator Wyden’s decision to support or stand against to fast-track authority for the TPP, could make or break the agreement. Join us in calling him to stand with working families and vote against fast-track authority for the TPP.