Equal Pay Day

Maryland Working Families marked Equal Pay Day with a press conference and release of Long Overdue:
Equal Pay for Maryland’s Women & Families, a report (in conjunction with National Women’s Law Center) that breaks down pay inequality by county.

In virtually every county across the state of Maryland, women are facing a wage gap—from a 10.3 cent gap in Charles County to a 32.4 cent wage gap in St. Mary’s County. With Prince George’s County as the lone exception, the wage gap continues to hold Maryland’s women and families back.

Overall, women in Maryland earn about 86 cents for every dollar earned by men. African American women in Maryland earn only 70 cents and the gap is even larger for Maryland’s Hispanic women, who earn only 47 cents for every dollar earned by men.

Check out a Baltimore Sun article on the report.

Good baby

Sara Wilkinson, president of Maryland NOW, and her daughter Lily. We’re working to erase the pay gap so that every woman can earn a fair wage.


Charly Carter, executive director, Maryland Working Families.




Liz Watson, director of Workplace Justice for Women at the National Women’s Law Center.

1199 Nurse

Cynthia Medavarapu, critical care nurse and 1199SEIU member talks about pay disparity in health care.

1Younger Women

Ellie Stover from the Baltimore Younger Women’s Task Force.