Legislators are actually voting on corporate accountability!

The Finance Committee is about to vote on a critical bill that could decide what our state government can and can’t fund this year.

Here’s the deal: large, wealthy corporations systematically pay their workers so little that they are forced to rely on public assistance programs to survive. They are knowingly abusing our safety-net programs and you, as a taxpayer, are footing the bill for their greed.

We can hold these corporations accountable for their poverty level wages and generate extra funding for programs that people really need, like child care and home health care services.

Write to the Finance Committee right now and tell them we need to pass HB 1044!

HB 1044 would charge large, profitable corporations a fee for every worker they refuse to pay a fair wage to. That money would then go to services that hard working families desperately need. This money will be critical at a time when our budget is stretched razor thin and services are being cut left and right.

But we know corporate lobbyists are out in force trying to kill this bill. That is why we need your voice more than ever. HB 1044 is coming up for a vote in the Finance Committee very soon.

Write to your state legislator and tell them to pass HB 1044!

We can win this vote, but only with your help.