Philly Fight for $15: We’re Not Going Away


On Wednesday, thousands of workers marched through the streets of Philadelphia, calling for a $15/hr minimum wage and a union. Our voices chanted together:

“Can’t survive on $7.25!”

“What do we want? 15! When do we want it? Now! If we can’t get it, shut it down!”

“Hey hey, ho ho, $7.25 has got to go!”

“15 and a union!”

“Hold the burgers, hold the fries, make our wages supersize!”

In the afternoon, we marched from the McDonalds at Broad and Arch to the Market St. Bridge next to 30th St. Station, where we joined another group of workers rallying for a livable wage. It was a great reminder that alone, we can’t do much, but together, our voices can’t be ignored.

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Workers went on strike and protested at fast food restaurants all across the city, joining nationwide protests reminding politicians that when we lift up low-wage workers, we lift up everyone.

The media took note, not only of the voices calling for a $15/hr minimum wage and a union, but also to keep Philly’s paid sick leave that’s under attack from Harrisburg Republicans.

While our April 15 protests were a great start, it’s not enough. The opposition, fueled by corporate interests, will only grow more stubborn as we continue to fight for a livable minimum wage.

One day is not enough to change Pennsylvania politicians’ beliefs. We must continue to take action in Philly and across the state to make sure our voices are not ignored.

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