Appropriations Committee passes Paid Family and Medical Leave!

Great news! The Appropriations Committee just passed a bill that would establish a Paid Family and Medical Leave program! It is a program we desperately need. As it is, over half of workers aren’t even protected from being fired if they take unpaid leave to care for themselves or a family member. And even those who are protected often can’t take unpaid time off. They just can’t afford to lose out on their paychecks.

HB 6932 would establish a new program of paid leave so workers would have some extra financial security during an already stressful time. Under the program, you could take up to 12 weeks off a year, and get paid you average weekly salary. It could only be used to treat or recover from personal injuries or illnesses, to take care of a seriously ill family member, or to care for a new-born or newly adopted child.

The vote was close, with 29 members of the committee voting in favor and 27 voting against. Now the bill heads to the full House of the General Assembly with just over a week left in the session.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the action in the House and we’ll let you know when they’ll be voting so you can let your legislator know you want them to pass HB 6932!