What I really want for Mother’s Day

Hard working mother Rita Torres is fighting for paid family leave, and we’ve got her back. Here’s a message she recently sent to our supporters:

Mother’s Day is about more than flowers and brunch. Those things are nice, but what mothers like me really want is time to spend with our families without worrying about our jobs.

That is why this Mother’s Day, I’m sending a thank you card to the sponsors and supporters of a paid family and medical leave program, and I want you to join me.

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I used to be a cashier at a restaurant supply warehouse. It was tough, physical work that demanded a lot of heavy lifting. When I got pregnant my doctors told me that I shouldn’t be standing for too long, or lifting heavy things, but my manager refused to give me a desk assignment. I kept working as a cashier, but would end up leaving work early every day when I got exhausted. As an hourly worker, the reduced hours cost me.

When it came time to give birth, I took 8 weeks off, unpaid. I knew it would be a struggle financially, but I didn’t know the half of it. When I tried to return to work, I was told they had filled my position and that they didn’t have a job for me anymore. I am now working at a fast food restaurant for much less pay.

What happened to me is disgraceful. None of it would have happened if the state had a paid family and medical leave program, like the one being proposed in the General Assembly. I would have been able to take 12 paid weeks off, and my job would have been protected.

Hardworking mothers need this kind of financial protection, and that is why I’m grateful to the state legislators who are fighting for this program.

Join me in thanking them this Mother’s Day for standing up for family-friendly policies like paid family and medical leave.