TODAY: Vote on wage theft protections

When you go to work, you expect to get paid.

But for far too many workers, especially hourly workers in the restaurant, retail, construction, and long-term care industries, wage theft is rampant.

We’re hearing that a bill to help workers recoup wages that were stolen from them may get a vote on the Senate floor today.

Can you contact your State Senator and tell them to protect workers from wage theft right now?

Companies have found all sorts of ways to steal from their workers. They refuse to pay overtime, won’t pay workers for all the hours they have put in, keep worker’s tips, and much more. And it is low-wage workers, who are already struggling to make ends meet, that are most likely to have their wages stolen. We fight hard to make sure everyone earns a fair wage, but that fight is undermined by exploitive companies who steal from their workers.

It’s disgusting, and that is why we’re pushing to make it easier to hold these companies accountable for stealing their worker’s wages. But we need your help!

Write to your State Senator now and tell them to vote to protect workers!

Thanks for all you do!