TOMORROW: Critical vote on paid family leave!

UPDATE: We just heard that the Appropriations Committee is postponing their vote until Tuesday. That means there is still time to write to your legislator and tell them we need paid family and medical leave.

Can you write to them now?


What would you do if you got seriously ill but couldn’t afford to take unpaid time off? What if your parent was seriously injured and you had to take care of them but weren’t allowed to take time off? What if you were about to give birth?

Far too many workers find themselves in these impossible positions because our family and medical leave policies are hopelessly outdated and broken. That’s why we’re pushing to establish a paid family and medical leave program in Connecticut that would protect workers’ jobs and provide them with some financial security.

The Appropriations Committee is voting on the bill tomorrow and we need to make sure it passes!

Write to your legislator right now and tell them we need paid family and medical leave.

Without paid family leave, over half of workers can be fired for taking time off to care for themselves or for a family member. And even workers whose jobs are protected often can’t take time off because they can’t afford to miss a paycheck.

We need to fix this broken system, and our opportunity is now. The Appropriations Committee’s vote tomorrow is vital to establishing paid family and medical leave. They need to hear from you.

Take a minute to write to your legislator about the need for paid family and medical leave before they vote tomorrow.