LISTEN: Elizabeth Warren on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Working Families Leader Dan Cantor joined leaders from and Democracy for America in a talk with Elizabeth Warren concerning the Trans-Pacific Partnership this week. While the conversation and subsequent question and answer session examined many progressive goals like Wall Street reform and student debt relief, the discussion focused mostly on Warren’s impending legislative goal; the defeat of the “Fast-Track” bill that would allow the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement to go through Congress unamended before the American people even get to see the a copy of the trade deal.

The TPP is a terrible deal that ships jobs overseas, rolls back Wall Street reform, and gives corporations and Wall Street banks the power to rewrite the rules of the economy. It also will have devastating consequences for the environment, public health, and workers rights across the Pacific Rim. Warren and President Obama are currently in the middle of a high-profile spat concerning the trade deal, with Warren attacking the secrecy of the legislation and the administration’s broken promises on trade. On the call, Senator Warren said:

“We’ve seen what happened in past trade agreements like NAFTA; a million jobs lost and stagnant wages for middle class families. President Obama says this time will be different…but he won’t even let you see the bill!”


Warren goes on to attack corporate lobbyists who are allowed access to the bill, and states another problem with Fast-Track legislation:

“Fast-Track won’t apply to just the TPP. This fast-track will apply to any trade deal, cut by any President, over the next six years. Thats scary. Without knowing who will be in the White House in 2016, I think it is just plain irresponsible for Democrats to sign off on a six-year trade deal.”

So what can you do to stop the TPP from passing? Elizabeth Warren has the answer:

“Tweet, write, call, email, or Facebook your representative and tell them that you want to see the trade deal before they give away their rights to change it. Trade does not fail neatly into a Democratic-Republican division. This is one of those things where no matter where you live or who represents you, you need to get your voices heard.”

We couldn’t have said it any better. With the TPP still stalled in Congress it is incredibly important to call your legislators and urge them to vote against this trade deal. Make the call or sign our petition today!