“Stand Alone” TPA Measure Narrowly Passes House Vote


Corporations have a seat at the drafting table..why can’t we?

The largest trade deal in history has taken a step closer to coming to fruition — with potentially disastrous consequences for workers across the country. After initially rejecting President Obama’s fast-track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPA), the House of Representatives dealt a blow to opponents of the trade deal by passing a more conservative “stand alone” version of the legislation.

This version does not include the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) package aimed at retraining American workers who lost their jobs as a result of previous trade deals such as NAFTA. On top of this, House Republicans added new language to the TPA banning negotiations on climate change and immigration reform. The fate of fast-track now returns to the Senate, where the possibility of passage remains unclear due to the absence of the TAA.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a terrible trade deal that ships jobs overseas and gives corporations and banks the ability to eliminate laws and regulations that get in the way of their profit margins. In the words of former Labor secretary Robert Reich, “it’s a Trojan horse in the global race to the bottom.” Everyone from global health professionals and environmentalists to the Senate Progressive Caucus and even the Tea Party have come out against this deal.

To stop this horrible bill, we need your help! Senate Democrats are vulnerable to public pressure right now and we can convince TPP supporters to oppose Fast Track — especially now that the TPP is being debated as a stand-alone measure.


These 14 Democrats voted for Fast Track the first time around, but are now on the fence. We need their constituents to call them and say NO to Fast Track.

Call your Senators today and tell them to vote down Fast-Track authority for the TPP!

 If you don’t see your Senator’s name, dial       855-712-8441 to reach their office.