Tell GE to pay their fair share!

General Electric is throwing a tantrum because they are being asked to pay their fair share in taxes. So we’re calling them out for their ridiculous behavior. Can you join us:

Deliver an open letter to GE telling them to pay their fair share of taxes
Thursday, June 11th, 11:30 AM
Connecticut Business & Industry Association offices at
350 Church Street, Hartford, CT

General Electric is an enormously profitable corporation (number 8 on the Fortune 500 list) with billions of dollars in profits every year. But they pay no state taxes. Zero. Zip. Nothing!

So this year, facing an extremely tight budget and the prospect of cutting vital services that hard-working families depend on, the General Assembly closed a loophole and asked corporations like General Electric to pay their fair share in taxes. And in response, they have threatened to move their headquarters to another state to continue avoiding paying state taxes.

It’s shameful behavior, and we aren’t letting it stand uncontested. So we’re calling GE and their corporate lobbyists, CBIA, out. We’ll rally in front of CBIA’s offices and then deliver an open letter to CBIA and GE. Join us tomorrow, Thursday at 11:30, at CBIA headquarters on 350 Church Street in Hartford.

Hope to see you there!