What about us?

Last week corporations threw a temper tantrum. They threatened to leave the state because they were asked to pay their fair share in taxes.

What happened next was truly disappointing: corporate greed won out.

Governor Malloy and State Legislators need to hear from people like us too.

Tell Governor Malloy & state legislators that we need a fair budget!

This whole episode shows just how greedy corporations are, and how screwed up our system is: when rich special interests have access to power, they profit off the backs of working and middle class families. It just isn’t right that corporations get their way by whining, while we don’t even have a say.

Placating these greedy corporate executives means we will have a big hole in our budget, and that means vital programs could get cut. Every time our legislators let corporations off the hook, it means we end up paying more.

Let’s make sure the Governor and our state legislators hear from the people who are actually paying taxes, and whose lives are impacted by the budget.

Sign here and tell Governor Malloy & state legislators that we need a fair budget now!