Working Families responds to TPA Vote

Working Families Party National Director Dan Cantor made the following statement today in response to the Senate’s cloture vote on Trade Promotion Authority:

“Everyone knows that Wall Street bankers and corporate CEOs own the Republican Party. But in the oligarchy that America is fast becoming, owning one party isn’t enough. It’s clear from today’s vote that the oligarchs own a big chunk of the Democratic Party, too.

The TPP will inflict lasting damage on our nation’s working families by destroying jobs and weakening environmental, consumer and workplace standards. But for the politicians in both parties who are enabling its passage, nothing matters more than increasing the profits of the already powerful and the already wealthy.

Fast Track is moving forward with a narrow margin made possible by procedural maneuvering. Congress has relinquished its authority to make changes to the TPP, but that doesn’t mean it needs to approve a bad deal.That fight is still to come, and members of Congress have one last chance to choose between the demands of multinational corporations and the needs of America’s working families. And we won’t quickly forget who is choosing the wrong side.”