Our book is here!

Over the past year or so, we’ve been fighting for family-friendly workplace policies in what we called the Women’s Economic Agenda.

Our economy isn’t working for far too many workers, but it’s even harder for women, who face a gender wage gap, are far more likely to have sole family caregiving responsibilities, and are far more likely to be employed in low-wage jobs like restaurant servers. The agenda included bills to help create a fairer economy that actually works for women and their families. Bills like paid family and medical leave, fair scheduling rules, and a single fair minimum wage.

In fighting for these bills, we talked to thousands of people across the state about how these policies would impact their lives, and the stories we heard from them were heartbreaking. So we decided to put some of those stories into a book. Today, we delivered it directly to legislators so that they can hear from real hard working families, and not just corporate lobbyists.

The book features nearly 20 stories of workers from across the state that make it painfully clear that families are suffering, and we need legislative action.

Take a look at the book here:

WFP WEA book cover