State Senator Scott Wagner Leads Budget Charge for Out-of-Touch PA GOP

Have you heard what Pennsylvania Republican State Senator Scott Wagner said in the final days before the PA budget deadline?

Wagner told ABC27: “If we laid off 10% of the teachers in Pennsylvania, we’d never miss them.” 

You read that right. You can watch it on YouTube so you know we’re not making it up:



It would be one thing if Wagner were this bad and his party didn’t reward him for his behavior. But Wagner, despite his ridiculous comments, has taken a lead role for the GOP in the PA budget negotiationsThis is not a politician who deserves a seat at the table to determine how we’re going to address PA’s GOP-created education crisis.

It’s time for us to ramp up the pressure and make our voices heard. Click here to chip in $5 to fight back against Scott Wagner and demand that he and his colleagues pass a budget that supports PA workers and students.

PA voters strongly rejected Corbett and his terrible policies, putting Wolf in office to clean up his mess. We can’t afford to let Scott Wagner and the PA GOP pass a budget that prioritizes gas drilling companies over our children’s education.

Click here to donate $5 to our efforts to make sure our legislators know that they must pass a budget that puts PA children and workers first.