Passing paid sick leave in Pittsburgh isn’t enough.

All Pennsylvania Workers Deserve Paid Sick (5)Last week, Mayor Bill Peduto signed a bill granting almost 50,000 Pittsburgh workers paid sick leave! Pittsburgh is now the 20th city in the United States to ensure workers can take paid days off if they’re sick or need to care for a sick family member. Philadelphia’s own paid sick leave law, passed in February, recently went into effect.

We believe that no worker should ever have to choose between having a job and caring for their family. We believe that nobody should have to risk losing their job if they get a cold or a flu. We also believe that individual cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia shouldn’t have to pass this legislation; it should be available to all Pennsylvania workers.

Do you agree? State Senator Vincent Hughes has introduced a paid sick leave statewide bill, but it has stalled in committee. If you agree that our state legislators should act now and give paid sick leave to all PA workers, sign our petition today.