What in the what?


Great news! After floating a proposal to end Connecticut’s landmark publicly financed elections program, today Democratic leadership in both houses has backed off.

After hearing from so many advocates, voters, and fellow legislators, the leadership decided it wasn’t worth the political backlash to jeopardize our critical Citizen’s Election Program that ensures voters, not corporations, have a voice in our elections. Thank you so much for speaking out. We couldn’t have done this without you!


What in the what?! Democratic legislative leaders want to dismantle our public financing laws — and in the same blow, expand corporate tax loopholes?

Democratic leadership in the General Assembly has just released a budget proposal that suspends our Citizen’s Election Program to pay for corporate tax loopholes. The Citizen’s Election Program is one of the earliest publicly financed election programs in the country, and it has become an important model for other states and cities trying to reduce the corrupting influence of money on politics!

In the next few weeks, the state legislature and Governor will hammer out a final budget deal. We need to make it clear that gutting funding for our elections is unacceptable.

Sign the petition to your legislators: oppose the suspension of the Clean Elections program and protect the public financing of our elections!

While cities like Seattle and states like Maine pass laws that make it easier for candidates to escape the clutches of corporate power, our Democratic legislative leadership is suggesting we take a huge step backwards.

Here’s what’s at stake: Our Citizen’s Election Program gives candidates who don’t have deep pockets or connections to wealthy donors a plausible path to run for office and win. Many progressive candidates we have supported, like Representative Matt Lesser, credit this program with giving them the chance they needed to win without having to pander to corporate donors.

By dismantling this system for 2016, the Democratic leadership will give wealthy candidates an unfair advantage against people-powered candidates.

We can stop this if our legislators hear from enough of us. Let’s show that we won’t stand for attacks on our democracy.

Tell your legislators: Protect the public financing of elections!