Zephyr Teachout running for Congress!

After hearing from hundreds of Working Families Party members in the district urging her to run, Zephyr Teachout just officially announced she is running for Congress in New York’s 19th Congressional District!1

Can you donate $3 help WFP recruit and elect candidates like Zephyr up and down the ballot in New York state this year?

Hundreds of WFP members in the 19th District — which spans the Hudson Valley, Catskills, Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier — signed our petition urging Zephyr to run over the past few weeks. Here’s just some of what they had to say to her:

“I am a soon to be retired teacher and I am beyond excited that you are running for office in my district.”

“We need a strong voice who stands up for the working class citizens in this district. I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified for the job!”

“I am an independent voter, but you impressed me… I’d love to see you represent our district in Congress!”

We’re excited too!

The official WFP endorsement process for this race will take place in the coming days. But if you’re as excited as we are, you can celebrate now by kickstarting our efforts to bring the political revolution to New York state this year — up and down the ballot:

Donate $3 now to support WFP’s work to recruit and elect progressive candidates like Zephyr across New York state in 2016.

So much attention is getting focused on the presidential campaign this year. But what Bernie Sanders says is the truth:

To actually make our communities, our state, and our country work for working families and not the 1% will take more than just one candidate — it will take a political revolution. And that’s going to mean electing great, exciting candidates up and down the ballot this fall.

That’s exactly what we plan to do. And you can help:



Bill Lipton
New York Working Families Party

1. Poughkeepsie Journal: “Zephyr Teachout will run in 19th Congressional District”