Our first champion for Wisconsin WFP

WIWF_Sequanna_Taylor_ActionSequanna Taylor is not your usual politician. She’s not funded by shady mega-donors like the Koch Brothers and doesn’t come from a lineage of elected officials.

Sequanna marched in the streets with us shouting, “$15 and a union!” She’s a respected organizer who truly cares about the needs of her community. When you talk about finding activists that come from the community and are ready to lead, that’s Sequanna Taylor.

So when a seat opened up for County Supervisor in her District, we knew who to recruit. Now, Sequanna’s running unopposed for Milwaukee County Board and set to win!

We need your help to make sure she has good company in government. Can you donate $3 to help elect more candidates that fight for working families in Milwaukee?

Sequanna is part of a growing army of grassroots activists ready to take Wisconsin back from Scott Walker.

When we endorsed her, she told us that she’s ready to put up a fight: “I stand with Wisconsin Working Families and look forward to persistently advocating for fair wages and actively engaging families to take action.”

Now, we need your help to elect more candidates that fight for working families in Milwaukee.