The 1% can’t have it all!

Recently nine business lobbyist groups penned an open letter to Governor Malloy and asked him to let them “help” fix some of the economic problems facing our state.

I’m not sure which is more ridiculous: the idea that corporations don’t already get what they want from our government, or the idea that their proposals will actually help working people. We aren’t going let this stand unchallenged. We’re sending them a message.

Take a minute to write to these corporate lobbyists right now and tell them we don’t want their ‘help’!

The problems these groups identify are serious problems: retaining young workers in the state, making our cities more livable, and increasing the income of families. Yet these groups actively work against workplace policies that attract young workers like paid sick days and paid family leave. They oppose tax policies that allow our cities to pay for better schools and keep our people safe. They scream bloody murder when we try to raise the minimum wage.

Write to the corporate lobbying groups and let them know that we don’t want them involved in our government.

Enough is enough. We live in a democracy. CEOs should run their companies and leave the governing to the people and their elected representatives.