Bernie Sanders has a posse. Us!

In December 2015, we decided to endorse Bernie Sanders for President after 87% of Working Families Party members voted to back him.

Dan Cantor's quote on our endorsement: 'We stand with Bernie Sanders in building a political revolution.'

Working Families Party members and staff have been busy building the political revolution ever since — helping Bernie Sanders get out the vote all across the country as #WFP4Bernie.

We wanted to make sure you knew about all our great work together. Every week, we’re going to give you a snapshot of our #WFP4Bernie activism all across the country. Here’s what we’ve done in the past few months:

Sent WFP staff to help Bernie Sanders Get Out the Vote and start campaign offices nationwide.

Online Campaigner Reuben Hayslett putting #WFP4Bernie volunteers in touch with on-the-ground Working Families Party Staff.
Working Families Party’s Harry Hansen (left) and Brennan Ward (right) with volunteer at Iowa Caucus for Bernie.
Pennsylvania Working Families Party staffer Paige Lower hanging out with Bernie in Iowa.
Oregon Working Families Party’s Bill Ellis and Cole Richardson working hard to get out the vote for the Nevada Caucus.

Our South Carolina staff talk about their time getting out the vote for Bernie.
In Philadelphia, the #WFP4Bernie volunteers and Pennsylvania Working Families staff are registering as many people to vote as possible.

Training volunteers on how to help Bernie, and sending buses full of #WFP4Bernie volunteers and staff to contested primaries across the country.

DC Working Families volunteer Aaron gets out the word in DC.
75 #WFP4Bernie volunteers boarded a bus to help Bernie get out the vote in New Hampshire.
From a 90 year old holocaust survivor to a college bound student, here’s a look at the #WFP4Bernie who took a trek to beautiful Massachusetts to knock on doors together.

#WFP4Bernie canvassing and phonebanking in South Carolina.
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Reoccupying Zuccoti Park to phonebank for Bernie in New York City.


We’ve shown up in force for Bernie at rallies and marches across the country — from Las Vegas to Chicago to Zuccotti Park.

#WFP4Bernie has Bernie’s back on police reform and racial justice in Chicago.
We marched late into the night as part of the #NotMeUs march in New York City.
Bernie Sanders has a posse.
Watching Bernie Sanders speak in Iowa.

Showing up for Bernie in Nevada.

This is just the beginning. In the next week, we’ll be going hard to make sure Bernie wins the nomination.

  • Voter registration drives at college campuses in New York and Pennsylvania
  • Phonebanks in our Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut offices nearly every day of the week
  • Engage #WFP4Bernie volunteers nationally to join local volunteer events and make calls from home
  • Embed field staff into Bernie’s on-the-ground operation in Wisconsin who know how to open offices, recruit, and send out volunteers in just 24 hours
  • Deploy grassroots organizers around New Jersey to recruit Bernie delegates, train them, and make sure they get the signatures they need to get on the ballot for the June 7 primary

Thanks so much for being part of #WFP4Bernie.