SIGN NOW: Corporations must pay their fair share!

Connecticut’s largest and most highly profitable corporations are, too often, paying wages so low that employees cannot meet their families’ basic living needs. Large corporations knowingly pay poverty wages to maximize their profits, and these wages force workers to rely on public assistance programs, which we all pay for through taxes. Its time we stop subsidizing corporate profits!

So this legislative session, we’re fighting for an economy that actually works for everyone. We’re pushing for bills like SB 391, which gives large, profitable corporations a choice: pay their workers $15 an hour, or pay a small fee for each hour worked by employees under that wage.

The fee would go towards services hard working families need to survive, like child care and health care. The fee would also offset the costs these corporations put on to the state by paying workers poverty wages.

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The math is simple: when we create an economy that works for everyone, we all benefit. But looming budget cuts threaten to throw hard working families into financial disaster. Instead of cutting vital services that families rely on, we can insist that large, profitable corporations pay their fair share.

Legislators will be voting on budget cuts, and we need to make sure they know there is a better option. Either corporations will pay workers a fair wage they can actually survive on, or reimburse the state for the services their workers are forced to rely on.

Together we have a voice, and the more of us who speak out, the stronger that voice is!

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