Cutting Corners Could Cost Us Our Water

Providence City Hall is considering privatizing our water supply to make a quick buck. And families like yours and mine could be stuck paying for it, either through price gouging or worse — our health.

Cutting costs for short-term money is how Flint began its water crisis. We need to react quickly and show City Hall that RhodeIsland residents want this proposal taken off the table now.

Tell the Providence City Hall: Water is a public good. The proposal to privatize Providence’s water should be taken off the table in budget negotiations.

Privatizing our water is a mistake. It’ll enable a corporation to price-gouge us on our utility bills, and worse, if they cut corners — which most private water utilities do — they could cause devastating environmental disasters. Providence’s water system serves most of the state of Rhode Island, so it’s not just one city that would be in trouble.

Water is too important to risk. We all need it to live and we need it to be safe and clean for everyone. Tell Providence City Hall to stop considering privatizing our water and protect our families.