URGENT: Reject the austerity budget!

Yesterday, the State Legislature and the Governor came terrifyingly close to passing a shameful austerity budget that would have slashed services that hard working families rely on to survive, and laid off thousands of state workers.

Fortunately progressive leaders in the legislature stood up to the Governor and rejected these deep cuts. Now we have one last chance to tell our leaders that balancing the budget on the backs of working and middle class families while letting corporations and the richest among us off the hook is not acceptable.

Write to your legislators today and tell them not to vote for an austerity budget.

Governor Malloy and some of the legislative leaders cut a budget deal that would have cut Medicaid by close to $100 million, after several rounds of previous cuts. It would have cut the Department of Children and Families by $40 million, and the Department of Mental Health by $55 million. And, shockingly, it would have resulted in thousands of layoffs.

Instead of broad cuts to services and massive layoffs, legislators should be looking for ways to raise revenue. Instead of balancing the budget on the backs of those who can least afford it, we should ask the richest 1% and wealthy corporations to pay their fair share.

Take a moment to write to your legislators and tell them to reject any budget that cuts jobs and services without looking to raise revenue.