Great news out of DC!

Just a few short years after rejecting a $12.50/hr wage for Big Box retailers, the DC Council voted unanimously twice to raise the minimum wage in DC to $15/hr.  Last Monday, the Mayor signed our bill into law.  This triumph, as credited by the Mayor and the Council, was in direct response to our ballot initiative.

We launched the DC for $15 campaign just over a year ago and in a short period of time, have transformed the conversation in DC about what is needed to survive, much less thrive, in the District.  127,000 workers will benefit from our efforts as the wage will get to $15 and $5 for tipped workers by 2020 (both indexed thereafter).

Bonus win on the environmental front: our Power DC coalition helped marshal a bill through the council that expanded our renewable energy target to 50% by 2032.